Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's new?

The Etsy community has been so friendly and welcoming! Folks have been more than willing to give thoughtful critiques and ideas for improving my shop. In fact, so many people have asked for more sushi plates that I just had to start one this weekend.

Saturday was the remnants of tropical storm Hanna so I was sort of trapped in the house not wanting to treck out to the studio or risk running the kiln with the distinct possibility of power outages so I ran out this afternoon and cut a sushi plate out of a couple of shades of purple glass. It's simple, but right now simple is really appealing to me. It's firing as I type this. Tomorrow, if my mold doesn't need re-priming, I'll slump it.

I wish I had a bigger kiln so I could fire more things at one time, but that's part of the point of all this selling business anyway. Gotta pay for the cool tools somehow. LOL!

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