Friday, September 26, 2008

Studio Status

I've been breaking a lot of glass in the studio lately. Sure, you have to break glass to make my products, but it should be controlled, directed breakage - not random shattering. Sigh. I'm feeling creatively inhibited. Clearly, I need to go do some production work and not worry about coming up with new ideas right now. I'm just afraid that production work is going to make me go bonkers with boredom.

Instead, I've been focussing on other things. My house looks marginally better, and I've been spending more time with the kids. We've been socializing a little bit too. It's nice to spend time with friends but I can't help feeling guilty that I'm not doing other "things that need doing".

I guess being overwhelmed would hinder creativity, now wouldn't it? Got to get a foothold and forge one.

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