Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ten Minutes

Ten minutes in the studio is as refreshing as a two hour nap. Last night was rough. All the men in my house were in foul moods and I was just D.O.N.E. so I went and hid out back in my studio.

I didn't do much. I put some friend's beads in to anneal. I can't believe how big Addie can get a bead on a hot head! She needs to concentrate on form, but her design elements are improving a great deal. She makes me so proud!

I also played with the new bottle cutter a bit. It's much easier to cut a beer bottle than a wine bottle. It is still tricky, but I'm getting better and better results. Given what I'm doing with them, it's not as essential to be perfect as I would eventually like to get, but having to practice with an eye towards it is good for teaching me patience. With two boys and a grumpy husband I'll never have enough of that!

After that, it was a little easier to go back into the house to face the testosterone blockade. LOL!

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