Friday, September 5, 2008

Photography Fail

I have learned a number of things about photographing my work today.

1. Always have spare batteries on hand. Yours will always fail the minute you start taking good shots.

2. Natural light is not optimal after 6pm.

3. If you need five good pictures, you should take at least 10.

4. After about 20 minutes of crouching down on the deck to take pictures, I start to shake even when I have a camera rest.

5. It is entirely possible to delete the only good shot of an item if you are rushing.

6. Husbands hate being ignored.

7. If you want more variety, use more props. Figure this out before the batteries die.

I'll get better at this one day. Heck, maybe I'll actually get a setup where I don't have to lay down on my rickety deck to take pictures.

On the other hand, new work is up in my Etsy shop. Click on the link on the right. You know you want to. LOL!

1 comment:

The Empty Envelope said...

I think the photographing is almost the most time consuming aspect!!!

And I hear you on the batteries!