Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Hot Day at the Market

Wow! Today was so hot and humid but I had a ton of fun at the South of the James Market in Richmond, VA with my friend Christine from "A Hot Piece of Glass". She says the numbers of visitors were down because of the heat and the holiday weekend, but we had lots of folks come stop by the booth to check out the shiny stuff. Of course, I totally forgot my camera so I don't have any pictures of our work. I hereby hang my head in shame and promise to do better next time.

I was really happy to see how complimentary our styles are. She is a great sculptor with a torch and her work is so fascinating to me because I am a lazy lampworker. The flat glass pieces drew in the customers looking for more traditional works and together, we managed to capture about an equal market share. In fact, some pieces were so popular, Christine agreed to accept some of them on commission.

The good news is that I still have a decent amount of stock to open up my Etsy shop even if I am now out of entire categories of goods. LOL! If only I could straighten out what I want to do with my name and branding. Oh, and of course I need to take umpteen gagillion pictures and write descriptions. Ah, business life. I seem to recall now why I decided to go back to working for "the man" all those years ago. Still, even the extra work seems freeing to me. When the day job starts sapping my energy, at least now I have my art and my business to look forward to.

More as it comes..... Later!

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